Living on the coast, how does it benefit me?

                The simple fact of moving to the beach can obtain multiple benefits, such as:

  • It’s good for your heart: People who reside in populations at sea level have a better heart rate. This is because the atmospheric pressure is higher and therefore the amount of oxygen in the air is also higher.
  • The sea heals wounds: The salts present in sea water promote wound healing. The iodine in salt is a natural bactericide, so acne, cuts, or even internal inflammations will heal more quickly after taking a bath.
  • It will help your immune system: The iodine in the sea breeze helps the immune system, so living in areas near the sea will protect us against diseases and infections.
  • You will feel the benefits of magnesium: Salt water infuses your skin with magnesium, a necessary element for muscle function, blood clotting, and the metabolism of nutrients. In addition, it helps to normalize the production of thyroid hormones, and to absorb phosphorus and calcium.
  • The beach is the best gym: Exercising on the beach has a positive effect on the joints and muscles. Playing sports with the peace and tranquility of the sea makes the brain can concentrate better and the activity is more profitable.

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